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Organizations like to feel comfortable with the professionalism and service orientation they will be provided with from a design vendor. To best ensure that these issues are dealt with at the onset, we've established a comprehensive appointment structure that is undoubtedly the best in the industry today for clients who are evaluating many alternatives and need to make an informed decision- fast!

We sit down with each client and go through who our company is; key members, tools used, the courses we teach, the technologies and software we use to engineer and develop a site. This establishes our credentials and core competencies.

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We review representative sites, user interfaces and graphics levels from a budget perspective. Between 20 and 50 sites are reviewed, from Package, to Mid-Level, to high Corporate Branding. Specific questions addressed include search engine optimization (for engines like, campaigns developed, print media, as well as any other needs that a client is looking for from a marketing firm.


We also go through the site mapping process, to ensure that all aspects of the desired new site are discussed. Alternatives to technical issues are reviewed and agreed on. Database components discussed as needed.

  • How many pages?
  • Number of phrases to target to search engines?
  • Navigation systems are discussed; drop-down navigation vs. a simple split javascript mouseover?
  • Page layout considerations; static placement, 100% width or in-line frame layout? And the advantages and disadvantages of each, based on our designing over 300 corporate and package web sites...
  • Content collection and needs for content creation, photo research, re-creation of graphics, and many other activities
  • Need for template creation for client maintenance following site launch.

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We assist the client in preparing a customized quotation that we leave as a firm proposal. We'll go back to the review sites, evaluate the different elements for expected levels of time to accomplish complex navigation, high-level Home page, and the critical "inner" (content) page layout. When we give a proposal, a total of 7 prices are automated in our pricing program; the "look and feel" and selected functionality the client selected, as well as the range of pricing from low level package to the highest. And we've got representative sites that equal each of these looks. Each client fully customizes each of their proposals.

All this. In an hour-and-a-half!

Of course, once we start, the challenge is in the Art Department's hands to surpass expectations, regardless of the elements selected. That's why we're an advertising agency, and have been for over 25 years. We enjoy the challenge, and continually thrive on each and every new project!

Call 603.715.5445, email us, or fill in our contact form with the best time for us to get together...!

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