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A robust set of both front and backend tools allow MIS the ability to manage this 3-way database interface from their internal proprietary 4th Dimension and Access sequenced databases, into a web-enabled Sequel 2000 solution with timed handshakes for security. - A Regional bank with a strong presence in the High Tech 495 belt. - A world leader in synthetics manufacturing. Phase One incorporates simple user instructions and a home Flash interface.

We won't tell you which one was in production for 181 weeks…


Dreamweaver 4.0 Introduction

Length: 2 day
Format: Lecture/PC Lab
Cost: $ 795
Dates: December 17-18, 2001

Undoubtedly the most popular and powerful web editor, Dreamweaver 4 is used as the web design tool of choice from artists to technical communicators to professional web design houses. This course provides a basic grounding in the Dreamweaver editing and management tools.


Participants Will Learn:

  • Creating Dreamweaver sites and documents.
  • Using tables and backgrounds for design.
  • Generating JavaScript rollovers
  • Updating and managing sites

    ...and much more!

Dreamweaver 4.0 Intermediate

Length: 1 day
Format: Lecture/PC Lab
Cost: $ 795
Dates: December 19, 2001

This course provides more information about site management, templates and library elements, reusable content, and cascading style sheets.

Dreamweaver Basics

Participants Will Learn:

  • Understanding site management and control
  • Working with reusable content through libraries and templates
  • Controlling text formatting through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Learning many practical tips and tricks for power usage
  • Working with DHTML including animation timelines

    ...and much more!

Contact: Kris Olson, 603.715.5445
Payment: MasterCard, Visa, American

3 business days prior or purchase order
Group Discounts: 3 or more people from the same company that register for the same seminar on the same date are entitled to a 15% discount.


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